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How to Clean Your Home’s Exterior

Whether it’s cleaning driveway stains or mildewed vinyl siding, here’s what you should know about everything from removing oil stains to pressure washing your house. Getting your Oak Park roofing projects done before the winter is a good idea, cleaning the exterior of your home correctly while the weather is still nice is a good […]

House Parts You Didn’t Know Had a Name

House Parts Defined Ever tried pointing out an architectural detail to somebody, only to fumble for what to call it? Or put in a call to a contractor to fix a part of your home and have to call it “you know, that thingamajig”? Don’t worry, it’s happened to all us. So to help you […]

Maximum Value Home Exterior Projects: Gutters

When you are looking into roof repair in Schaumburg, be sure to have us take a look at your gutters as well. Gutter repair or installation can improve your overall home value. Gutters might not seem like the most glamorous home improvement project to date, but they serve a critical purpose, and might in fact, […]

Inspecting Your Roof to Get Ahead of Problems

Your roof takes care of you — return the favor with a yearly inspection that’ll stop moisture damage and head off expensive repairs. An Arlington Heights roofing inspection is one of those preventative maintenance jobs that’s easy to overlook. Don’t. Add a once-a-year reminder on your calendar to go out on a warm day and […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Deck and Patio Maintenance

We know that your Oak Park roofing maintenance is one of the many things you need to do this summer. We hope we can make things easier for you by providing advice on all maintenance items this year. Below are tips on deck and patio maintenance.  DO seal your wooden deck every few years. Save yourself […]

Roofing Component Basics

Roofing terminology can be a bit overwhelming. These basic roofing definitions will help get your project off on the right foot. There’s a lot to cover when it comes to learning about what types of materials go into roofing a house. Some of it involves some pretty tricky terminology. Here are a few definitions that […]